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Monday, September 28, 2009

Spirituality 101: What are miracles?

What are miracles? Miracles are Lifesigns.
There is a power within each of us to obtain guidance from Spirit, to understand what God is telling us through life’s signs, or Lifesigns.

Read more ...

Spirituality 101: What are miracles?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spirituality 101: What is serendipity? Part II

Some thoughts on how serendipity led me to write. Expect your good.

Spirituality 101: What is serendipity? Part II

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spirituality 101: What is Synchronicity? Part I

What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is one of Spirit’s ways of communicating with us. It is a sign from God – a Lifesign. Continuing my topic of “Lifesigns: Guidance from Spirit,” within this article I explore synchronicity. Rea d more

Spirituality 101: What is Synchronicity? Part I

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Spirituality 101: What is serendipity? Part I

What is serendipity? Wrong turns made right.

Read more in my article Spirituality 101: What is serendipity? Part I

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lifesigns: Guidance from Spirit 101

The answers to life’s most pressing questions are right in front of us.
We are bombarded with signs everyday that can help us heal, provide insight on our career, relationships, and even our life’s purpose.
So why is it we miss these signs? Read more.

Lifesigns: Guidance from Spirit 101

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spirituality 101: What is a spiritual pilgrimage?

Greetings friends,

The most valuable gift you can give yourself is permission to grow spiritually. When you nurture your spirituality, your world evolves. As a result people respond to you more enthusiastically and positively. Your world appears a bit brighter because you begin to experience life with awe and wonder. Your relationships deepen, your health improves, your prosperity grows, your intuition expands and you become increasingly more joyful.

Read more - Spirituality 101: What is a spiritual pilgrimage?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Connecting with Spirit to heal others

Dear Friends,

He wasn't even four-years old, "Mommy? Would you put your hands on my knees?"


"My knees hurt. Your hands make them feel better!"

Read about healing through unconditional love in my article, Connecting with Spirit to heal others.


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Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Life’s purpose and failure: Don’t surrender the dream

Deat Friends,

At one time in my life my biggest fear was failing to achieve my purpose in life. Today, my biggest fear is not showing up!

Want to read more? See the link below.



Sunday, June 21, 2009

The true power of yes: another baby step toward enlightenment

Dear Friends,

Did you know that the simpliest of things can change your life and invite miracles?


The true power of yes: another baby step toward enlightenment

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mindfulness: Slow down to speed up - Tip #2

Dear Friends,

For those looking to 'slow down to speed up' I thought you may be interested in this article on mindfulness. Learn how mindfulness can benefit your personal relationships.

Love & light,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The economy isn’t an excuse: activate the Law of Circulation

Dear Friends,

Using the economy as an excuse to stop circulating money invites lack and limitation into your life, while activating the Law of Circulation promotes prosperity.

Read about a great exercise we can use to test the Law of Circulation (without giving away the piggybank!).


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Denver New Thought Examiner: Right brain processing: A stroke of insight to the soul

Hello Friends,

Check out this inspiring woman who is speaking in Denver next week. If you can make it - I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The secret to manifesting your dreams: tilling the soil

Dear Friends,

I worked in my garden this weekend and was reminded the secret to manifesting our dreams lies in tilling the soil. Read the six steps to manifesting your dreams in my article posted below.

Good farming ...

The law of attraction: what you pay attention to grows

Leave it to my son to remind me of the Law of Attraction.

Denver New Thought Examiner: Soul’s purpose and destiny: the choice of a lifetime

I hope you enjoy this article on what happens when we don't choose to serve our calling.

Denver New Thought Examiner: Soul’s purpose and destiny: the choice of a lifetime

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Denver New Thought Examiner: The path to enlightenment is paved with baby steps

It’s my nature to jump into new things head first, and expect success in all that I do. I’m often asked, “How does that work for you?” If truth be told, with some things it works extremely well, with others – like spirituality – it doesn’t work at all.

Read more here-

Denver New Thought Examiner: The path to enlightenment is paved with baby steps

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slow down to speed up: Meditation - Tip #1

Dear Friends,

Meditation isn’t only sitting in a dark quiet room, or having your body distorted in a position that hurts! Most of my adult life I didn’t believe I meditated... but I routinely hiked alone in the foothills of Colorado, and it was during these hikes that I received inspiration for some of my novels. Learn more about meditation in my newest article, "Turn inward through meditation: Slow down to speed up tip #1". This is the first article of a series on how to “slow down to speed up.”

I hope you enjoy it.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Denver New Thought Examiner

Hello Friends,

Happy spring! I’ve recently been selected as Denver’s New Thought Examiner. I’ll be writing 3-4 articles each week on New Thought spirituality, principles, as well as events in the Denver area involving New Thought authors and presenters.

If anyone has any suggestions or interest in hearing specific topics please send your suggestions. I can’t make any promises but I will try.

Also, come read my latest articles here.



Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Age of Aquarius

The Fifth Dimension encouraged us to “Let the sunshine in” forty years ago.

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ... Aquarius!

Let the sun shine ... The sun shine in.
- Fifth Dimension

While there is much contention about when the Age of Aquarius actually begins, many suggest it has arrived, representing the birth of a new age of humankind. When I look around I certainly see lots of change, and I’m not just talking about an economic downturn, banking system failure or wars. I’m seeing a fascinating, exciting and an encouraging shift.

Over the last few years, I have seen people turn inward for answers and explore their soul’s purpose. A recent study by Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut reveals a movement away from traditional religions and an inward move towards spirituality. I hear many people asking those age old-questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?” I certainly can relate to these queries, as they were the impetus behind launching my spiritual quest years ago.

Before our souls came to be in their present form, they made a spiritual pact with our higher self, about what we want to accomplish in this lifetime. We set goals on what we would like to learn, what we would like to experience, perhaps even who we would like to experience life with. At the soul level, we know our mission, and for those who desire to find purpose in life, we search our soul to find it.

One of the clues to our life’s purpose is found in inspiration. When we are inspired, we are connecting to the essence of our soul before it came to be in this lifetime. We are connecting to energy that already knows our destiny. Popular new thought author Wayne Dyer PhD., suggests this is why we can find clues to our purpose in inspiration. When we are inspired by something – know this is a hint to what we are to do with our lives.

We all have come into this lifetime with an extraordinary purpose. It is no coincidence that we walk this planet together at this moment. Every person has something to contribute; we all have skills, talents, and gifts to serve. Every person’s destiny is momentous, critical, and a key to the shift occurring today.

You may ask, “What is that purpose?”

Our primary purpose is very simple – we are to be authentic, go within, find that Light and shine it. The spiritual Light I am referring to is the essential awareness of Spirit that dwells within each of us. As each of us turn inward and become more aware of the Spirit within, we understand that religion is a pathway to Spirit, and Spirit is the Truth, not the religion. While I now know there are a hundred different ways of worshiping God — all of them good – it’s our connection to Spirit that is the key.

As we increasingly access the light of consciousness, the more we will light the way and inspire others. This is the primary reason we are all here.

It seems to me we are currently standing shoulder-to-shoulder with unlit candles clutched in our hands … waiting to catch the blaze of a neighbor’s flame. Why wait? Ignite your fire – so that you can inspire others to do the same.

We all have gifts and talents to serve. We sing, preach, inspire, love, paint, sell, build, write, dance, and so on. What are your gifts? Are you inspiring others with them?

It would seem that the challenges we currently face have ignited a shift. I am trusting that this economic turmoil will be one of those serendipitous events; an event in which a greater good will be revealed.

We are all vital to this exciting project called human evolution. Whether the Age of Aquarius is here or not, there is shift happening. Don’t take a backseat. Be a part of it. Be willing to use your talents to serve. Be willing to inspire others, go within, strike that match and hold your candle high.


Alex Marcoux

Alex Marcoux is a three-time published novelist. Her titles are A MATTER OF DEGREES, BACK TO SALEM and FACADES. She's also a screenwriter and currently writing her first practical spirituality self-help book. She's an inspirational speaker and conducts workshops on writing, creativity, and spirituality, all of which encourage people to take their creativity to a new level.

A short film based on her second novel, BACK TO SALEM was produced by Atlantis Moon Production in 2008. The feature screenplay is in development. More information is available on Alex at

Monday, March 09, 2009

Seeing in the Dark
When our eyes adjust to the darkness, things become clearer.

Last week the Pope urged Catholics to consider an electronic fast until Easter; asking followers to abstain from text messaging and surfing the web through the five-week Lenten period. I have to admit - I smiled at the thought since my kid recently had almost 15,000 text messages in a month.

I struggle with the concept of lent. I've always believed that God wants us to live abundantly. But an incident which occurred the week prior to the papal call to action got me thinking, 'Maybe the Pope is onto something!'

It was Thursday evening and my son and I had just finished cleaning-up after dinner.

"I'm going downstairs," my son said.

I knew he was going to play Xbox. I headed the opposite direction to check email in my office and get ready for my evening class. While sitting at my desk, the power surged and my computer screen went black. The typical white noise from the house was gone, and the only light came from the windows. Outside, the last rays of light emanated above the mountain peaks, west of our home.

Everything was silent, peaceful and still.

The stillness was abruptly interrupted by the pounding of my son's size 11 feet, scurrying up the basement stairwell, followed by, "Mom?!? There's no electricity!"

I smiled and headed for the pantry where I found the flashlight and lighter. The house wasn't completely dark, but I knew it was only a matter of minutes before darkness would take over. I lit a candle at the kitchen table, where my son now sat and went around the house lighting a candle in each main room.

When I returned to the kitchen, I found him sitting by candlelight trying to play his Game Boy, a battery operated electronic game I hadn't seen him play in years.

I must have made an audible sigh of disapproval because he looked at me and said, "What?! There's no light. I can't read! No TV! No Xbox! No computer! What else can I do?"

"Get the Uno cards," I said.

Within five minutes, the two of us were sitting on the floor on opposite sides of a coffee table. About a dozen candles illuminated the room and my son's face was beaming as he dealt the cards. I didn't worry about when the electricity would come on. I didn't worry that the furnace wouldn't work without power... it had been a glorious Colorado day with temperatures in the 60s.

We played, we laughed, and we talked. In those moments, both of us experienced the now. We had a sabbatical from the craziness of life - no phone - no computers - no electronics. Everything was simple and life's priorities became much clearer. While that power outage initially seemed to be an inconvenience, it turned out to be a blessing. To me it was a sign - a serendipitous event, something that started as a nuisance, but ended bringing great joy and insight.

I have to admit - when the lights came back on - I was a bit disappointed.

Suddenly, although still horrified by the idea of living without electronics for more than a day, I came to a realization. Maybe living a more simple life and making do with what we have, looking for the opportunities in the midst of "darkness" isn't such a bad thing.

Downsizing, making do and making lemon-aid out of lemons is in essence what the economy is forcing us to do. And I hate to say it, but perhaps it's happening for a reason. Could it be another serendipitous event in which we can expect to find some unexpected good? Could it be the impetus we need to turn inward, to go inside ... to grow spiritually? I've heard many people say the tough times are helping them look at things in a different light.

Some of my friends who have had trouble finding full time employment have actually started reevaluating their purpose and/or pursuing their dreams; dreams which have been put off because they've been too busy working. Many are retraining or starting new businesses and pursuing new passions they now have time for. Often, much to their surprise, while they may not be making the income they once enjoyed, they're finding fulfillment in following their purpose.

Another thing I've noticed, at least for myself, I'm beginning to live within my means. For me this means more dinners at home with family and friends, less time at Starbucks, more time sitting on my patio with a hot cup of coffee watching my dog chase squirrels. Boring? Maybe ... but at the same time I'm living in the moment and realizing I don't need so much stuff.

I know of one company that says although business has been slow, they're finding new and creative ways to use the staff's time. They are reaching out to help the community. This would never have been possible if they had the workload of the past. The company president even went so far to say it has helped employee moral during difficult times.

Are you noticing a theme here? In all these scenarios, some inconvenience, strife or even tragedy led to an unexpected good. In all cases - by slowing down, by being deprived of something, people are able to live in the now, seize the moment, and are watching the good that's come of it.

Like I said, I think the Pope is on to something. Could it be that many of the distractions we thought we needed to make us happy are actually tearing us away from being fully present, appreciating all that we have, and finding new ways to fulfill our dreams?

At first, when the lights go out, the electricity goes off, we often momentarily fumble around in the darkness ... but our eyes adjust and we begin to see.

More infomation is available on Alex at

Monday, February 09, 2009

Raising our Consciousness

Let's take responsibility for our thoughts!

My eyes brimmed with tears as I watched the first African American being sworn into the highest ranking office in this country, perhaps the most powerful position in the world. How could anyone not be inspired by the inauguration of President Barack Obama? It is clear to me that Mr. Obama is a living example how we can accomplish anything when we believe in ourselves and set our minds to it.

President Obama certainly didn’t candy coat the state of our nation. In our lifetime, we have never faced such daunting challenges: the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, war on terror, and healthcare, to name a few. At the conclusion of this determined man's inaugural speech, the crowd roared with excitement … change had arrived. Images of expressive, tear-streaked faces being broadcast around the world kindled a renewed sense of hope that we have reached a turning point.

Yet, President Obama admitted that he cannot turn this nation around alone. He can’t bring this country out of its darkness by himself. He needs everyone to play their part in getting our nation back on track. How fitting that his first official act as president was to “proclaim January 20, 2009, a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation,” asking, “All Americans to serve each other to remake this county.”

I asked myself, ‘How will I serve?’

For me, the answer is clear. In order to lift ourselves out of the fire, we must raise our consciousness. Before I lose you with this woo-woo term, let me explain. When we understand how powerful we are and the impact we have on this nation and the world, we realize we must take responsibility. We must stop pointing fingers and blaming others for the turmoil of our nation. We must change our thoughts.

Quantum physics shows us that our thoughts and prayers influence everything. Thoughts are energy and when fueled with intention and purpose they create. We all have the ability to manifest everything we desire. Good or bad. Thoughts manifest miracles or traumas. They bring joy or sorrow, peace or conflict, prosperity or poverty. Remember that what we focus on will expand. So, what are you thinking about?

If you’re worried about the fallen stock market, then you’re fueling a plunging market. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to pay for your healthcare next month, then situations will develop which will make healthcare unaffordable to you. If you’re nervous about keeping your job, chances are you’ll be filing for unemployment. If you think President Obama lacks the experience to do his job, you’re feeding fear that will prohibit him from making highest and best decisions for us. Need I go on?

How can each of us participate in raising the consciousness?

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to turn inward, whether through the practice of meditation, prayer, visioning or visualization. There are also a few practical things we can do to change our lives for the better, and at the same time raise the collective consciousness. Consider the following practices:

Set the intention that you are going to think responsibly.

Stop focusing on how bad things are. There is something to be said about focusing on what’s right rather than what’s wrong. Consider how grand life truly is and how blessed we are. Express gratitude for what you have. When you hear how far the stock market dropped, consider in that moment how fortunate you are that you even have assets to watch.

Guard your thoughts! Guard your words! Often times we focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right. I love how Mother Theresa responded when she was invited to an anti-war rally. “If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me." Be aware of simple word-choice and stop focusing on negative or “what if” scenarios. Rather than worrying about being laid off, think how grateful you are to have a job.

When you catch yourself saying or thinking something with a negative spin, follow it with, “however that is changing.” Don’t be hard on yourself. Just the fact that you are recognizing your negative thoughts or words is huge, and you are thinking responsibly by correcting yourself. If a thought crosses your mind and you find yourself wondering, ‘How is that serving me?’ Chances are it’s not.

Consider your power and send positive thoughts and energy, including prayer, to our president and all world leaders so they are guided to make decisions that are highest and best for everyone.

When you’ve experienced a hiccup in your life, expect your “unexpected good.” Know that something bigger and better is manifesting in your life. Don’t dwell on the minor setback – believe that it’s happening for a reason and trust you are being guided to something much grander. Trusting, believing in the miracle of serendipity is thinking responsibly.

It’s time that we take responsibility for our thoughts. We all have an extraordinary role to play in this world. Turn inward and recognize that part of our mission, our reason for being here, is to think responsibly and raise the consciousness so that we all can live more joyful lives.

Love & light,

Alex Marcoux

Visit Alex at her website,

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Power of Believing
By Alex Marcoux

In an economy where publishers are freezing acquisitions, relinquishing existing contracts and cutting imprints, as writers, we have a choice. We can hop onboard and accept it – or we can believe in ourselves, stand out and shine!

Have you been seeking publication of your manuscript the conventional way? Then you know the drill ... hard work ... hundreds of queries ... many hours researching publishers or editors.

How’s that working for you?

As you march into this glorious New Year pumped to fulfill your new resolutions, whether that’s to lose weight, exercise, or quit smoking, may I suggest another resolution?

Believe in yourself! Believe that you will be published, find that new agent or publisher, or finish the project you’ve started. The power of the mind is real, and the power of believing is limitless!

This is a true story. There was a woman who believed she would be published. She had never written before. Yet she finished her first novel, naively dropped it in the mail to New York and five days later she heard from the publisher. And not soon after, she had a contract in hand.

That is my story. I went to my first Colorado Gold Conference with an unexecuted contract wondering if I should take it. I was naïve about the publishing business and oddly, it was my ignorance that became instrumental on my quick road to publication. I never bought into the statistics about becoming a newly published author. I had never gone to a writers’ conference before, so I wasn’t privy to the dues most writers pay to become published. I wasn’t aware of the typical rollercoaster ride of hundreds of queries, years of submissions, and flashes of triumphs and pitfalls. I often wonder if I would be published today had I been more informed about the publishing world.

I am not encouraging ignorance. I am however, suggesting that when you’re faced with what seems to be a daunting goal – believe in yourself and discard other people’s stories. When you hear about how a recession will impact the publishing world, ignore it, believe in yourself and shine!

I want to share with you a formula for getting published, which I’ve titled “Believe and receive.” First, you certainly need to have a strong, well written story. Query agents and/or editors to let them know what you’re selling. Next, forget everything you’ve ever heard about the odds of getting published.

This next step is important - ask your highest spiritual ideal for your goal! Whether that ideal is God, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, your higher self, or the Universe, you must ask. How? Ask out loud, ask in your prayers, or ask in writing. It doesn’t matter, just authentically ask!

Then you must believe at the core of your being that you will accomplish the goal you have set. Cultivate the feeling that you have already accomplished this goal. I’m not suggesting that you go out and spend your advance. But imagine how it will feel when you’ve succeeded, and feel it! To truly believe in ourselves we surrender and trust that our desires will occur. Trust that the Universe is moving and shaking things up to accommodate your desire.

Lastly, while you may not think this relates (oh ... and how it does), think positively! Eliminate those negative thoughts. Practice the lessons of the three wise monkeys, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Don’t surround yourselves with naysayers, those who doubt your ability. If you find yourself doubting, or worrying about achieving your objective, remind yourself that you are a remarkable being, believe in yourself, and affirm, “My (goal) is being drawn to me right now.”

If this is a stretch for you, consider setting small goals for yourself at first. With every little victory you will feel yourself building confidence, then it’ll become easier to believe and trust.

Next time you come across one of those horror stories about the publishing business and you find yourself thinking, ‘I have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than getting published!’ Stop! Remind yourself, ‘That isn’t my story.’

Think about what you want to accomplish in 2009, believe it and receive it!

Alex Marcoux is a novelist, she writes mystery/supernatural thrillers. She is close to completing her first nonfiction spirituality book. Alex is also a screenwriter and a short film based on her second book, Back to Salem has been produced. She’s currently working on the feature-length screenplay.

Originally published January 2009 in the Rocky Mountain Writer - Newsletter of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Visit Alex at her website,