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Monday, December 29, 2008

Shine in '09

We all come into this world with a significant purpose,
with skills and talents to serve ... to shine!
Discover yours in ‘09!

The celebration of New Year’s dates back more than 4000 years to the Babylonians. Over the centuries the day has evolved into the holiday we celebrate today, a time to reflect on our past and start anew. It has become customary for us to set resolutions that help us such as losing weight, managing debt, getting fit, eating right, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, or reducing stress. I’m not sure about you, but it doesn’t take very long for me to get off course from these goals.

The other day as I cleaned out my fridge I contemplated the holidays and New Year’s resolutions. I tossed out the raspberry jam after seeing “used by” Aug ‘08, then out went that dressing with a “best by” Sept. ‘08. I paused, wondering what was in the Tupperware, then bravely pried one end open to reveal last month’s spaghetti sauce – now a science experiment. Out it went.

As I heaved out the old to make room for the new, I realized that some of the items I trashed I hadn’t even opened - I hadn’t even tried. What a waste! Not really sure how I made the correlation, but in that moment I wondered what talents I had wasted in ‘08. What gifts had I left untouched? What skills had expired or had passed their “best by” or “use by” date?

We have all been blessed to walk this planet in our present form for a certain period of time. While we’re here, we’re here to serve. We’re here to fulfill a destiny, for each of us it is significant. Don’t think your destiny is anything less than extraordinary! Without making your mark on this world by striving to fulfill your destiny, by shining, you will leave a void. Ask yourself what gifts you have that lie dormant waiting to be birthed? What is crying to come out that could change this world?

By not venturing out and trying new things, our undeveloped talents and skills don’t awaken, they don’t blossom. I don’t want to go through my life feeling like I’ve played it safe, never realizing my brilliant potential. I don’t want to live my life not giving it my all, and then wondering if I could have been exceptional. Instead, I want to shine.

The time is now to grow and expand, to explore new ways to live to our highest potential. There’s no room in the world today to play small. The key to searching for purpose, the key to working on fulfilling our destiny is found in joy and inspiration. When we find ourselves inspired by something, we are connecting to that energy that remembers our destiny, our purpose, our reason for being here. Explore those moments of inspiration – they are clues to your calling. Inspiration is commonly accompanied with joy. When we are doing what we are meant to do – we are joyful.

The outcome of inspiration is shining – the realization of our gifts.
The bonus is that we live joy-filled lives.

So this year on New Year’s day, when I pull out my journal and reflect on what my ‘08 resolutions were and contemplate what I want to work on in ‘09, I’m going to stretch a bit and include shine in ‘09. I’m going to seek inspiration to unleash those sleeping talents which will help me shine and serve my purpose.

In the New Year, I encourage you to question what dormant forces are crying to be explored in your life. Remember that when we don’t use our talents and shine, these untested possibilities will remain just that – untested possibilities.

Blessings to you in the New Year and Shine in ‘09!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Increase Your Blessings with the Law of Gratitude

In a time when markets crumble and we feel the strain of a weakening economy – we have a choice. We can feed the fear that is sweeping this nation and accept that we are in a recession or depression. Or, we can express gratitude and thanksgiving for all the blessings in our lives. While we may be inclined to fall into the ‘woe is me’ option, may I suggest the alternative?

You are blessed! You are all so blessed! Rather than focusing on what you have lost – consider taking a moment and realize how truly blessed you are. Make a gratitude list right now of five things in your life you’re grateful for. For example, I’m so grateful for my family, my health, my home, my talents, my friendships - my list will go on and on – and yours will too!

If you can’t see just how blessed you are in this moment, consider that - 12 million American children go to bed hungry every night. Feel blessed yet? We should, shouldn’t we?

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you express gratitude? You’re more content. Being appreciative for what we have makes us realize just how blessed we are. This alone can help manifest increased blessings and abundance in our lives. The more grateful we are and more consciously appreciative of what we have, the more we will receive in return! This is the law of gratitude – one of the easiest ways of manifesting our true desires. By expressing gratitude for what we have we create the energy to manifest other reasons to be grateful.

Studies show giving thanks on a regular basis can make us healthier. Those expressing appreciation of life are generally less depressed, more willing to exercise, and live life to its fullest! When you’re feeling grateful for what you have, rather than dwelling on what you don’t, you will deal much better with the little hiccups in life, including tumbling markets. Why? When we feel gratitude, those negative feelings such as anger, despair, hatred and fear all disappear. And why is this important? Negative feelings hold us back! What we pay attention to will expand. If we worry about the economy, reasons to worry will develop in our lives.

During this Thanksgiving and holiday season, join me and express gratitude for life’s blessings, because we are blessed! With realizing this you will feel better and you will experience true joy.

Alex Marcoux

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